5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

Some people were born to sing (En Vogue shout-out!). Me? I was born to make lists. Here are 5 things I’ve been loving lately.

1. Cool August mornings

June and July were brutally hot here in the Bay Area, and if you didn’t have air conditioning, it was like living in an armpit.

Lately, though, like for the past two weeks, it’s been cooler here. Borderline cold. And what a welcome change. 🙂 I am NOT hating on those overcast mornings in The Lady Sanctuary!

2. The September 2017 issue of Glamour

I’ve been a Glamour subscriber for a year, but #realtalk, it’s been months since I’ve been able to sit down long enough to read an issue from cover to cover because of the baby.

She’s up in my business, LOL! I’ll be two sentences into an article, and she’ll come over, place her little soccer ball in my arms, and say, “Bah?” which is her word for most things that aren’t ma, dada, cat and wow-wow! So then I’ll put down the magazine and we’ll play “Baby World Cup.”

This happens, oh…15 times a day, give or take.

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