7 Cold Dinners to Survive a Summer Heat Wave

7 Cold Dinners to Survive a Summer Heat Wave
Cold Asian Noodles with PorkIt may be hot, but you still have to eat dinner. Perfectly connecting the dots between cool, refreshing and totally filling, these ideas are sure-bet crowd-pleasers.

Cold Asian Noodles with Pork (pictured above)
There’s just something about ginger in a cold dish that feels so fresh this time of year. Cook the pork chops ahead of time, or get crafty and use any leftovers you happen to have available.

Tortellini Caprese SaladTortellini and Caprese Salad
Tender chunks of pasta are the star of this salad. Use any filling you like — cheese, spinach, chicken — then load up on the mozzarella and tomatoes.

Quinoa SaladCrunchy Quinoa Salad
My kids will eat anything in a lettuce wrap because they’ll call it a “boat,” which somehow makes it awesome. And that’s fine with me because with all that avocado and protein-packed quinoa, I feel good about them eating it. Serve with a big loaf of crusty bread and butter, and dinner’s done.

7-Layer Pasta Salad7-Layer Pasta Salad with Ham
Let’s just look at this salad. Not only is it gorgeous (and a good chance to actually USE that trifle bowl), but when you taste the combination of salty ham, crunchy veggies and tangy dressing, you’ll have found a new favorite summer dinner.

Moroccan Couscous Made Kid-FriendlyMoroccan Made Kid-Friendly
When it comes to introducing new foods and flavors, my kids are ALWAYS more excited if they can dish it up themselves. That’s the fun of this DIY Moroccan meal.

Make-Your-Own Sandwich Night!Make-Your-Own-Sandwich Night!
Never has a kid been more into the idea of a sandwich than when they make it themselves. Add a platter of raw veggies with some dip, throw in a few pieces of sliced fruit, and dinner is served.

Shrimp SaladBarefoot Contessa’s Shrimp Salad
Cook and cool the shrimp or pick up a ring of pre-cooked shrimp at the store. Either way, you’ll have Ina Garten’s signature salad ready in a hurry.

Charity Curley Mathews is a cooking addict who just counted the hours until school is out to decide whether she had time to make homemade bagels today. She blogs about testing simple kid-friendly recipes full of fresh ingredients at You can follow her on Facebook.

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