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Choose happiness…

To feel happy is a choice you consciously or unconsciously make every day. We are born with the gift of making choices. Unfortunately a lot of us believe that they don’t have the freedom or the power to change their feeling. Some of us simply don’t know we are gifted with these amazing gifts we can use to upgrade our lives to better standards.
These days we all seem to think we need things to be able to feel good. We need to buy new clothes, a new car, new phones etc. Some of us need to get drunk to have a great time. I’ve got news for you my friends; You don’t need any of it to feel happy or to feel fulfilled. The only reason you are chasing these materialistic things is because you are looking for a feeling. Actually, you are not interested in the car or that thing you desperately want to buy (but your wallet doesn’t cooperate with you ;-D) You just want that feeling you get which you normally experience when you take certain actions such as buying something.
Once you are aware of these statements you might ask; well how do i choose to get certain feelings. If you are looking for happy feelings the way to get those feelings is focus to be in a happy or grateful state. It’s what you focus on that will determine the way you feel. If you want to feel happy, just focus on the things that make you happy. If you feel bored or sad it just means that you don’t focus on the things that empower you.  You can change that feeling in an instant by changing your focus.

Another thing very important to feel happy is just to be grateful for everything you have. Tell yourself everyday when you wake up how grateful you are because of what you have in your life. You might be grateful because everyday you are able to wake up in your bed instead of somewhere outside on the streets, or be grateful because you are able to feed yourself or to take a shower everyday. You can even be grateful because we life in a time we can use WiFi 🙂 If you live in a grateful state i promise, you will experience happiness and joy and that’s without spending any money. But you have to be consistent and practice to be grateful daily. If you have never been grateful consciously you might take some time and schedule to be grateful every morning. Just for a couple of minutes to start with. Once the grateful state is burned in your system you will feel (consciously and unconsciously) grateful and happy wherever you are and what ever you do because you choose to feel happy with what you have.
At any moment we can change our feeling. It doesn’t matter in what situation you are, you are feeling those feelings because you choose to.

I am very grateful and i thank you for reading my blog. Now go out there and share your love and happiness with the world. Our world needs it desperately…
If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Or just leave a comment 🙂

Have a great day and see you soon.

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