I have the power to create “change”

​And so do you. We all have the power to change our thoughts and emotions. And if use this power we can instantly change our life isn’t it? But few of us use their power. Many of us even think we are not in control and surrender to their emotions. If you feel depressed or angry or sad it feels like you can’t get out of that feeling right? Well as crazy as it sounds but if you have any feelings like those it is because you CHOOSE to. Feelings/emotions don’t just “pop out of nowhere”. Nor are they created by circumstances or by other people.
If a loved one is telling you he or she loves you. What do you feel? You feel loved of course. You have these intense feelings inside of you filled with happiness and joy.  But is it really your loved one who created these feelings for you? The honest answer is: No. Your feelings, your emotions can’t be controlled or summoned by other people or circumstances because YOUR emotions belong to YOU and YOU have the power to control them.
If you feel loved it is because you choose to feel that feeling. I’d like you to take a few seconds for me and close your eyes and think of a sad moment in your life, how do you feel? Obviously you feel sad about it. And again if you close your eyes for me for a second and think of a moment in your life where your life was filled with happiness and joy… think about that for a few second. Visualize that moment so you can see it in front of you. How do you feel now? I guess you feel happy right? So what i am trying to say is… when i asked you to close your eyes and think of a sad or happy moment in your life, at that moment you choose to feel sad and happy. It wasn’t because i asked you to or command you. After all, you do have control over your emotions right? ;-p You can feel anything you want at any moment in your life.
Isn’t it true that your life is created from your thoughts in your mind? Those thoughts create certain emotions which you feel at that moment. If you focus enough on any thought it will create an emotion and that becomes reality for you. If you focus on good things, you will feel good and that will be your reality. If you focus only on bad negative things you will feel bad. So why would anyone like to feel bad if you have to power to feel good at any moment in your life? I can’t imagine someone in the morning wake up and say: ” Today is a good day to feel bad” 😉
So focus on the good things in your life and choose to feel good. Use that feeling to fuel yourself with happiness, joy and passion throughout the day. You won’t regret it, i promise.

I am very grateful you reading this blog and i am sure it will add something positive to your life. Have an amazing day 👌🏽 stay connected.


  1. People are so keen on giving up their power? Why? Because they are afraid. It scares them. All the things they could do. All the things they are capable of. Also, people are afraid of failure. What if it doesn’t work out? What then? They do not realise you cannot be successful unless you are willing to fail.

    1. Hi how are you? I’d like to thank you for your beautiful reply and i totally agree. It’s fear whats holding people back in life. Fear of failure. You are right, everyone wants to be successful but nobody wants to fail. They don’t realize that successful people have come so far because of failure. They learn from their mistakes and apply it so the next time they won’t fail.
      Thanks again and have an amazing day. Stay connected.

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